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Questions to help you get started with Third Wave Water!

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Our most popular questions about the Classic Profile.

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Our most popular questions about the Espresso Profile.

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Our most popular questions about the Dark Roast Profile

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Our most popular questions about the Cold Brew Profile.

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Water Questions

The most common questions about water types, water filters, and more.

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What is Third Wave Water?

Third Wave Water is company that helps coffee taste its best. We manufacture packets of all-natural minerals that when mixed with distilled water (or reverse osmosis water, Zero Water filter, etc), it creates optimized water for brewing coffee. Our g

How can I get the most out of Third Wave Water?

For best results:Be sure to use empty water (distilled water, reverse osmosis, water from a Zero Water filter)Clean your coffee maker before use. Below are some helpful links for popular brewers/espresso machines.Cleaning a Mr. Coffee PotCleaning a K

Why does water quality matter when brewing coffee?

Water quality is the key to great coffee. Coffee is made of 98% water! Because of this, you want to use the best water possible to brew your favorite coffee. The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) created a water standard to help guide the specialty

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