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The Low Acid Profile StoryUpdated 6 months ago

We just released our newest profile, the Low Acid Profile, which reduces coffee acidity by up to 300%, aiding those with acid reflux. Co-founder Taylor Minor developed this after his father struggled with coffee-induced acid reflux. The packet also enhances coffee's flavor with all-natural minerals. This innovation enables acid-sensitive individuals to enjoy coffee without discomfort.

No More Heartburn

One of Third Wave Water's co-founders, Taylor Minor, noticed his father struggling with coffee because of acid reflux this year and decided to help. His father, Craig Minor, explained, "I had to cut back on drinking coffee because it was hurting my stomach from acid reflux. I almost quit coffee because of it."

Craig tried low acid coffees and hated the taste of all of them. His last option was to stop drinking coffee completely, but thankfully his son Taylor helped. Taylor created the new Low Acid water profile to reduce acidity up to 300% per packet when added to one gallon of water.

You can use a maximum of two packets in empty water as well as add one packet to any water to further reduce the acidity in any water (including tap water). In one controlled test comparison between distilled water and the new Low Acid water profile, the acidity was reduced by over 400%. How does it work?

Minerals are added for buffer. Buffers (or alkalinity) resist an acids' ability to change the water to be more acidic. Minerals are added for flavor. Each stick also includes additional all-natural minerals for complimenting coffee flavors. Taylor explains, "It was a huge win to see my dad enjoy his favorite coffee again." Craig adds, "I can finally enjoy coffee again without taking antacids."

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