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Which profile should I get?Updated a year ago

Selecting a TWW Profile can seem like a daunting task. Several different factors all play an important role in selecting the best profile for your needs.

Based on Brew Method:

The brew method you use matters when selecting a TWW profile!

If you use a Manual brew method (pour over, AeroPress, French Press, etc.) or an automatic drip brewer (like a Mr. Coffee pot or a Keurig®), you can use Classic Profile, Espresso Profile, or Dark Roast Profile.

If you use an espresso machine, we recommend using only Espresso Profile. It was created with the care and concern of your machine in mind. It contains minerals that will prevent scale buildup and corrosion inside your machine.

If you make cold brew coffee, use the Cold Brew Profile! This profile will reduce the acidity of your brews up to 3x. You can also add the Cold Brew Profile to any cold brew concentrate. Many of our customers and partners have also found success in their cold brews by using the Classic Profile.

Based on the Coffee You Use:

The coffee you typically drink and enjoy will also impact which profile would be best for you!

If you like a light or light-medium roast coffee, Classic Profile would be a great fit. This will provide the highest acidity of our four profiles and help brighten the flavors found in lightly roasted coffees (berries, citrus notes, etc.).

If you drink a light-medium or medium roast coffee, you may like the Espresso Profile. This profile can be used for any brew method and will provide slightly less acidity than the Classic Profile if that fits your taste preference.

If you're a fan of medium-dark or dark roast coffee, try the Dark Roast Profile. This profile has more of a buffer to counteract some of the bitterness and high-acidity that can mute some of the flavor notes you like in a dark roast coffee such as bakers chocolate, nuts, and caramel.

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