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Which profile should I get?Updated 6 months ago

Because we now offer six different mineral profiles, selecting the right profile can seem like a daunting task. We know this and want to be sure you get what you need, so we created two separate collections to help make the decision easier: the Roast Level Collection and the Brew Type Collection.

Water by Roast Level:

Simply select the water profile that matches the roast level of coffee you typically enjoy! If you like a light or light-medium roast coffee, Classic Light Roast Profile would be a great fit. This will provide the highest acidity of our four profiles and help brighten the flavors found in lightly roasted coffees (berries, citrus notes, etc.).

If you drink a light-medium or medium roast coffee, you may like the Medium Roast Profile. This profile can be used for any brew method and will provide slightly less acidity than the Classic Profile if that fits your taste preference.

If you're a fan of medium-dark or dark roast coffee, try the Dark Roast Profile. This profile has more of a buffer to counteract some of the bitterness and high-acidity that can mute some of the flavor notes you like in a dark roast coffee such as bakers chocolate, nuts, and caramel.

If you drink a range of coffees with varying roast levels from light to dark and everything in between, we recommend the Medium Roast Profile. In fact, this is the selected profile for our Customer Support Coordinator for this very reason!

The Roast Level Collection is designed for manual brew methods (AeroPress, French Press, pour over, etc.) and automatic drip brewers (Mr. Coffee, Keurig®, Moccamaster, etc.). If you brew with an espresso machine, we recommend using only the Espresso Machine Profile.

Water by Brew Type:

Select the water profile that correlates to the type of brew you wish to achieve. If you brew with an espresso machine (La Marzocco, Lelit, or a super automatic machine like a Jura), we recommend using only the Espresso Machine Profile. It was specifically created to protect your machine from limescale and corrosion.

If you make cold brew coffee, try out the Cold Brew Profile. This profile will reduce the acidity of your brews to help detect the chocolate, caramel, and nutty flavor notes that are often looked for in cold brew coffee.

Our newest addition, the Low Acid Profile, is designed to make any coffee a low acid coffee, reducing the acidity up to 300% when measured by pH. This is the ideal profile for coffee drinkers who suffer from acid reflux or heartburn after drinking coffee.

Still Unsure?

If you still aren't quite sure which profile is right for you, click below to take a short survey to discover which would be best!

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