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Our most popular questions about the Classic Profile.


About Classic Profile

Use the Classic Profile for light to medium roast coffees. It is recommended for traditional drip coffee brewers (Keurig, Mr. Coffee, etc.) or any manual brewing method (AeroPress, chemex, V60, etc.) providing brighter, cleaner flavors and higher aci

Can I use Classic Profile in my espresso machine?

We recommend using only the Espresso Profile for your espresso machine. The Espresso Profile will not cause corrosion from chlorides, which can take many forms. WARNING: Be sure to avoid water profiles that utilize chlorides. Chlorides will cause cor

Do you have a water profile to use with tea?

Yes, the Classic Profile works the same for tea as it does for coffee!. Some tea blogs typically recommend 80 - 150 TDS (total dissolved solids). Our formula is 150 TDS high in magnesium helping provide natural sweetness in the flavor profiles. Brew

Can I use Classic Profile for Cold Brew?

Yes! We get this question a lot and are proud of our many partners using Third Wave Water to brew their cold brew: Verve Coffee, Bru Brothers, and many more!. We also just released a special profile just for cold brew: The Cold Brew Profile! This pro

Can I use Third Wave Water in my Keurig®?

Absolutely you can use Third Wave Water in your Keurig!. Sometimes Keurig coffee brewers have a carbon filter installed in the water reservoir and that's ok. You do not need the filter since Third Wave Water provides the optimum water for your coffee

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