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How do I use the 5-gallon sticks?Updated 3 months ago

The 5-gallon sticks were created to be used with a 5-gallon carboy (≈19 liters); this is one of the most common size of water jug in the United States. Other regions throughout the world use 22.7 liters.

Mixing with 5 gallons:

Mixing the 5-gallon sticks is the same (albeit a little more difficult) as mixing the 1-gallon or 2-liter sticks. 

  1. Add minerals to the 5 gallon container into the empty water (distilled, reverse osmosis, denoted, etc).
  2. Mix the water using the TWW Mixing Stick attached to a typical power drill.

We recommend using a powered pump (we like the FloJet) to hook up your espresso machine so you don't have to manually fill your espresso machine in use.

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