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Third Wave Water Basics

Questions to help you get started with Third Wave Water!


What is IN Third Wave Water?

Each profile consists of three minerals - there are no chemicals used!. Magnesium Sulfate, Calcium Citrate, and Sodium Chloride (less than 10 mg/liter). The total dissolved solids (TDS) of this profile should be ~150TDS. ~40 ppm Alkalinity (buffering

What is the difference between the four (4) water profiles?

Currently, Third Wave Water creates four water profiles: Classic Profile, Espresso Profile, Dark Roast Profile, and Cold Brew Profile. Each profile (other than Cold Brew Profile) comes in a variety of stick sizes (1 gallon, 5 gallon, or 2 liter ) and

Which profile should I get?

Selecting a TWW Profile can seem like a daunting task. Several different factors all play an important role in selecting the best profile for your needs. The brew method you use matters when selecting a TWW profile!. If you use a Manual brew method (

What kind of water should I add Third Wave Water to?

Third Wave Water minerals should be added to any kind of "empty water." Empty water is any water with no minerals, chemicals, organic matter, etc. Typically, empty water has a total dissolved solids (TDS) measurement of 0-9TDS. Some great forms of em

Does Third Wave Water filter my water?

No. Third Wave Water mineral profiles are just mineral additives. They do not remove anything from the water. We recommend using distilled water (or reverse osmosis or deionized water) as an empty base to add Third Wave Water minerals. This helps you

How long does Third Wave Water last once it has been mixed?

The product will not separate from solution (i.e. the water). Once the minerals are mixed with the water they will remain mixed forever.

What is the shelf life for the sticks?

Third Wave Water minerals will not expire or go bad. Each stick and box has a “Best By” date of two years from production for stock rotation purposes for our suppliers. To ensure the longest life possible, make sure to store the mineral sticks at roo

Do you sell sticks in liters?

Yes. Three (3) of our profiles, Classic, Espresso, and Dark Roast are available to purchase in 2 liter, 1 gallon, and 5 gallon sizes. NOTE: 1 gallon is equivalent to 3.785 liters.

How do I use the 5-gallon sticks?

The 5-gallon sticks were created to be used with a 5-gallon carboy (≈19 liters); this is probably the most common size of water jug in the United States. Other regions throughout the world use 22.7 liters. Mixing the 5-gallon sticks is the same (albe

How do I make Third Wave Water?

NOTE: Substitutes for distilled water include: Reverse Osmosis (RO), or Deionized water or Zero Water filtered water.

Where can I find Third Wave Water?

There are many different places to find Third Wave Water. You can order from us directly, pick up some minerals at your favorite coffee shop, or on Amazon in select regions. If there is a cafe that doesn't sell us but you think they should, let us kn

How do I store my Third Wave Water after it has been mixed?

After mixing Third Wave Water minerals into your empty water, you can store your mineralized water jug at room temperature or in the fridge. The minerals will not separate from the water. Storing the mineralized water in the fridge will cause your co

Are any your water profiles SCA certified?

There is currently no 'certification' by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) for water profiles, but we have two water profiles that meet and exceed the current SCA water standards:

Where are Third Wave Water Products Manufactured?

Third Wave Water products are manufactured in Cedarville, Ohio. We are proud to support the workers and small town of Cedarville.

Are your products recyclable?

Yes and no. The paper boxes are recyclable, but the specialized sticks are not yet recyclable.

Do you sponsor events and competitions?

Yes we do!. If you're hosting an event, are a competing barista, or are interested in Third Wave Water sponsoring a social media collaboration, use the link below to sign up for a sponsorship. Sponsorship Signup Link

Why does water quality matter when brewing coffee?

Water quality is the key to great coffee. Coffee is made of 98% water! Because of this, you want to use the best water possible to brew your favorite coffee. The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) created a water standard to help guide the specialty

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