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I use a range of roast levels. Should I get Dark Roast Profile?

If you like light, medium and dark roast coffee, and you don't know which profile is right for you, I'm glad you're here! 

Flavor Preferences:

If you're a fan of the darker notes in coffee -- baker's chocolate, caramel, and nutty notes, the Dark Roast Profile would be great for you.

If you enjoy bright, berry notes and higher acidity in your brews, you may like the Classic Profile

If you sit somewhere in between and like something a little more balanced, Espresso Profile would be a good fit. 

Dark Roast Profile Difference:

The main difference in the Dark Roast Profile versus the Classic and Espresso Profiles is the amount of alkalinity. We added more alkalinity for this profile to counter some of the bitterness and much higher acidity found in many dark roast coffees. 

This will help you experience the familiar bold flavor without needing to pucker or wince with every sip!

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