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Dark Roast Profile

Our most popular questions about the Dark Roast Profile

About Dark Roast Profile

Use the Dark Roast Profile in for dark roasted coffees in any manual brew method (AeroPress, Chemex, V60, etc.) or automatic dripper (Keurig, Mr. Coffee, etc.). This water profile helps provide smoother flavors while preserving chocolate and nutty ch

I use a range of roast levels. Should I get Dark Roast Profile?

If you like light, medium and dark roast coffee, and you don't know which profile is right for you, this is the place for you. If you're a fan of the darker notes in coffee -- baker's chocolate, caramel, and nutty notes, the Dark Roast Profile would

Can I use Dark Roast Profile in my espresso machine?

Yes!. Since the Dark Roast Profile does not contain any chlorides and only contains permanent hardness minerals, it is totally safe to use in your espresso machine. All Third Wave Water profiles contain only permanent hardness minerals, meaning that