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Is it safe for my espresso machine?Updated 2 months ago

Absolutely! Espresso Machine Profile will not harm your espresso machine.

In fact, it was designed to protect it. Espresso Machine Profile contains only permanent hardness minerals and does not contain any corrosion-causing chlorides. This means that your machine will not see any scale buildup or corrosion throughout its life if you use Espresso Profile.

About Chlorides:

Chlorides are ions with a negative charge, or anions. These negatively charged ions are able to penetrate the passive oxide layer of some metals, including your espresso machine's boiler. Once this occurs, your boiler can start to corrode, or even rust. Avoiding chlorides altogether is the best way to prevent this from happening. Espresso Machine Profile does not have any chlorides in it for this exact reason, to prevent corrosion from entering your machine.

What others are saying:

"I am an extremely involved newbie when it comes to espresso. I use espresso profile with distilled water to make sure the electronics are able to read the water level of my Lelit MaraX and to prevent scale I may get from tap water. 

As it turns out, it also tastes great! I can honestly say: my amateur espresso taste blows away shots from my favorite coffee shop. I've tried a couple of different kinds of water and TWW definitely makes a difference. In defense of my favorite coffee shop, I am also really slow at it and I only pull two shots daily for my best customer: me! Thanks TWW."

- Hans D.

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