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Espresso Machine Profile

Our most popular questions about the Espresso Machine Profile.


About Espresso Machine Profile

This water profile, now called Espresso Machine Profile, is specially engineered for your espresso machines by avoiding the use of water boiler destroying chlorides. It helps protect your machine's boiler while simultaneously providing fantastic shot

Is it safe for my espresso machine?

Absolutely! Espresso Machine Profile will not harm your espresso machine. In fact, it was designed to protect it. Espresso Machine Profile contains only permanent hardness minerals and does not contain any corrosion-causing chlorides. This means that

Can I use Espresso Machine Profile for other brew methods?

Definitely!. While the Espresso Machine Profile was originally created to help protect espresso machines (and create the perfect shot), you can also use it for other brewing methods like pour-over, drip, manual espresso, etc. Some of Third Wave Water

Can I use Third Wave Water with my Nespresso Machine®?

You can use Classic Light Roast, Espresso Machine, or Dark Roast profiles for your Nespresso Machine®. They are not typical espresso machines that operate at higher pressures and temperatures. Some Nespresso machines have a carbon filter installed in

Should I remove the water filter from my espresso machine?

It depends on what kind of filter is in your espresso machine or coffee maker. If it is a carbon filter (similar to a Brita filter), then it doesn't need to be removed. If it is an ion exchange filter or something similar (found in some espresso mach

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