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Is it safe to use tap water for my coffee?Updated a month ago

Yes and no. 

While tap water is technically safe to consume and brew your coffee with, it ends up causing issues in your equipment and in your coffee's overall extraction and flavor.


Tap water, spring water, bottled water, and filtered water, can all cause a lot of issues in your equipment due to temporary hardness and the presence of chlorides. Temporary hardness is what causes limescale to build up in your coffee maker, espresso machine boiler, and in the bottom of your kettle. Chlorides are the main proponent of corrosion in your espresso machine boiler, so it is imperative to use water without them in your espresso machine.

Coffee Flavor

Coffee requires certain minerals in certain quantities in order to taste great. Tap water varies from city to city, house to house, and even throughout the calendar year, meaning your coffee could taste great one day, but then horrible the next day or at your friend's house. Spring water also changes depending on where it was bottled. Filtering your tap water with something like a Brita filter will only remove chemicals and organic matter, but not take out any minerals, leaving your coffee to taste bitter.

Third Wave Water's mineral profiles are designed to give you optimal extractions for great coffee flavor depending on your preferred roast level or brew type.

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