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Water Questions

The most common questions about water types, water filters, and more.

What is TDS and why does it matter?

TDS stands for "Total Dissolved Solids," and represents the amount of "stuff" that is dissolved in a liquid. This stuff can be organic matter, minerals, and even some chemicals (depending on where your water is coming from). TDS matters because it ef

What kind of water should I add Third Wave Water to?

Third Wave Water minerals should be added to any kind of "empty water." This includes distilled water, deionized water, reverse osmosis (RO) water, or water from a Zero Water filter. When you add minerals to any of these "empty waters" (water with li

Is Third Wave Water too hard for my coffee equipment?

No. All four of Third Wave Water mineral profiles create permanent hardness, which does not add to limescale formation to your coffee makers. However, it is recommended that you use only Espresso Profile in your espresso machine. If you measure Third

Why is my TDS reading high?

The water you are using may not be truly "empty" water. For the most accurate results, test your water before and after adding TWW minerals. Starting water should read at 0-9 TDS. The TDS meter is calibrated to read potassium rather than sodium. Pota

Are there special instructions when using empty water like Distilled Water?

Yes. Since empty water (e.g. Distilled Water, Reverse Osmosis Water, Deionized Water, etc) does not have chemicals to reduce bacteria growth (like chlorine and chloramine) it must be handled differently. Over time, you may start to notice some bacter

Where can I find distilled water?

Empty water can sometimes be found in the United States at the following locations:

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