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Is Third Wave Water too hard for my coffee equipment?Updated 6 months ago

No. All four of Third Wave Water mineral profiles create permanent hardness, which does not add to limescale formation to your coffee makers. However, it is recommended that you use only Espresso Profile in your espresso machine.

Hardness Test:

If you measure Third Wave Water using a hardness test and the reading appears high (over 150 TDS). This is most likely due to the hardness test measuring total hardness. Consider the following:

  1. Total hardness = permanent hardness + temporary hardness
  2. Temporary hardness is bad (contains scale)
  3. Third Wave Water does not contain temporary hardness

Most hardness tests only measure CaCO3, which is normal because that is what most people are concerned about; calcium enriched water with temporary hardness. 

Temporary & Permanent Hardness:

Temporary hardness should be avoided because it separates from the water (when boiled or frozen) leaving deposits behind. Each of Third Wave Water profile's create permanent hardness only and do not contain calcium bicarbonate, which is the primary suspect for calcification or limescale. Our CEO, Taylor, made a short video explaining this principle. You can watch it by clicking this link.

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