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What is a Calibrated Water Profile?Updated 6 months ago

About Calibrated Water

The Medium Roast Profile is our preferred 'Calibrated Water Profile' for cupping coffee.

Calibrated Water is a water that meets the series of ranges within the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) water standards. You can view those standards here: SCA Water Quality Standard

Today, the Coffee Quality Institute’s (CQI) Q-grader certification requires coffee personnel to be "in calibration" in order to cup coffee. In order to be "in calibration," you need to be re-tested every three years. The CQI uses the SCA water standard defined in the SCA water protocols for cupping. For this purpose, we define calibrated water is a water that meets the series of ranges within the SCA water standard as defined in the SCA Water Quality Handbook. Therefore, water used for cupping for personnel that are in calibration is considered calibrated water. The term calibrated water is not directly connected to CQI, but is the term used here in order to help with clarity as we discuss this complicated topic.

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