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Medium Roast Profile

All of our most common and frequently asked questions about the new Medium Roast Profile.

About the Medium Roast Profile

Use the Medium Roast Profile for, you guessed it, medium roast coffees. It is recommended for traditional drip coffee brewers (Keurig, Mr. Coffee, etc.) or any manual brewing method (AeroPress, chemex, V60, etc.) providing reduced bitterness and enha

What is a Calibrated Water Profile?

The Medium Roast Profile is our preferred 'Calibrated Water Profile' for cupping coffee. Calibrated Water is a water that meets the series of ranges within the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) water standards. You can view those standards here: SCA

Can I use Medium Roast Profile in my espresso machine?

Yes!. Since the Medium Roast Profile does not contain any chlorides and only contains permanent hardness minerals, it is totally safe to use in your espresso machine. All Third Wave Water profiles contain only permanent hardness minerals, meaning tha

Is your water safe to drink?

Absolutely!. All of our profiles are completely safe to drink. In fact, we have many customers around the world that drink the Medium Roast Profile as a form of an electrolyte beverage.