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What is Third Wave Water?Updated 3 months ago

Who We Are:

Third Wave Water is company that helps coffee taste its best. We manufacture sticks of all-natural minerals that, when mixed with distilled water (or reverse osmosis water, Zero Water filter, etc), creates optimized water for brewing coffee.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to not only make sure your coffee taste its best, but protect your coffee equipment too. 

We improve the taste of your coffee by meeting industry standards for water for coffee, and protect your equipment by using permanent hardness and non-corrosive minerals. To  learn more about Third Wave Water and hardness, click here.

Why Minerals?

In order to extract the flavors from coffee, the oils from the grounds need something to grab onto, minerals. The right kind of minerals better accentuate flavors and reduce bitterness. As water is traveling through the coffee if there are no minerals in the water goes straight through and does not pull any flavor. Minerals are needed to properly extract the flavors as the roaster intended.

Third Wave Water is a mixture of the right minerals to create better water to help get the most out of the coffee being brewed. Better water for better coffee.

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