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Cold Brew Profile

Our most popular questions about the Cold Brew Profile.

About Cold Brew Profile

This water profile makes it easier to acquire the tasting notes commonly sought after in cold brew coffees like chocolate and molasses as well as creamier body and reduced bitterness. Reduces acidity up to 3x (300% reduction).

Cold Brew Profile or Light Roast Profile?

Deciding which mineral profile you want for your cold brew depends on what flavors you prefer when using that brew method!. The Cold Brew Profile is rich in magnesium and thus will help you experience much less acidity (up to 300%) in your cold brew

Can I use this with a cold brew concentrate?

Absolutely! We actually encourage using this profile with concentrates. We did an in-house cupping to taste the difference of Cold Brew Profile and tap water with cold brew concentrate and we were blown away by the results!.