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Shipment & Order Questions

Have questions about shipping? Look no further!

How long will it take to receive my order?

Typically, all orders delivered in the United States (US) take about 2-4 business days to arrive to your doorstep. International orders can vary from 5-15 business days depending on shipping service selected, but allow for up to 30 days. Make sure to

My order is marked as "delivered" but it has not arrived yet.

In most cases the order ends up getting delivered a day or two after it has been marked as "delivered." USPS says it is best practice for you to contact your local post office and they should have exact GPS location when it was scanned as "delivered.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do!. Sometimes it may take longer for your order to arrive depending on what shipping service used when shipping outside of the US. Allow for up to 30 days for your international order to arrive at your doorstep. If more than 30 days have elap

Does TWW have a referral program?

Yes we do! It’s easy to use as well. Once you share your referral code with your friends, they will receive a discount for purchasing with that code, and you will receive a discount on your next order after their purchase. See below for more details

How do I sign up for a subscription?

If you sign up for a subscription to receive TWW minerals at a set interval, you will receive 15% off of each box! To set up your subscription, follow the steps below. Select the preferred mineral profile you want in your subscription (this can be ch

Do you offer discounts?

When you subscribe to select TWW mineral products (Classic, Espresso, Dark Roast) you can save up to 15% per order!. You can pause, cancel or skip any delivery anytime you want. If you sign up for our email newsletter, you'll get the latest updates o

When will the water system for cafe's be available?

The water system for cafe's is called Tethys and was launched as a beta system in 2018 with great success. It was sadly paused the following year due to logistics as we went into the Covid years. Today we are re-engineering the new system and it will

What should I do if my package was marked as delivered but is not here?

If your package was marked as delivered but you haven't received it, we recommend you:. If you still can't locate your package after taking these steps, let us know!

How do I unsubscribe from a product subscription?

If you need to pause or cancel your subscription because you are overstocked or no longer need the product regularly, log in to your customer account and select the "My Subscriptions" button. From there you can manage your active subscriptions. If yo

How can I correct a shipping or billing address mistake?

If you notice that your order has been shipped to the wrong address, please reach out to us with the correct address. While billing address discrepancies do not affect shipping, it is important for us to ensure that your products are sent to the corr